Dev Note

Lucy Beta Ignites Soon

Lucy, the first AI Agent on the YKILY Network, is set for release. It revolutionizes Web3 with its infinite canvas UI/UX as the future paradigm and AI chat as the portal for agent collaboration. More features are coming soon.
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Win a Tesla Model 3 with the Bybit $AGI Trading Event

Kick off the new year with Bybit's thrilling trading event! Trade $AGI/USDT for a chance to win a Tesla Model 3 and up to 70,000 USDT. Register now and start trading to win!

Delysium Dev-Note Q2 2023 —Harnessing the Power of AI for the Web3 Era: Introducing Delysium AI

Introducing the inaugural issue of the Delysium Development Note. Discover our strategic advancements and the evolution of our AI-driven framework in this comprehensive series.
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Dev Update: What’s New about Lucy?

In the swiftly evolving Web3 realm, our latest update on Lucy, the 1st and core agent on YKILY Network, offers groundbreaking enhancements and a glimpse into future capabilities.
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Delysium Introduces Lucy — The OS of the “YKILY” AI Agent Network

Unlocking Lucy for user access marked a pivotal moment, beginning an experimental journey to redefine AI capabilities within the Web3 landscape.

Delysium’s Agent-ID: Your AI’s Passport to Trust and Innovation [Deepdive]

Envision a future where AI Agents, equipped with unique Agent IDs on the YKILY Network, autonomously manage agents digital interactions, enhancing virtual commerce and personal engagements with precision.

AI-Agents Need Love Too: A Framework for an AI-Agent Network & AI-Agents that are Aligned with Humanity

Delysium leads the AI revolution with Whitepaper V2, merging AI progression with human values through Blockchain in the YKILY Network. Explore our blueprint for societal alignment in this pivotal document.

Delysium’s End of Year Campaign: Road to $125,000 Prize Guide

Join the Delysium End of Year Campaign for a chance to win from a $125,000 prize pool. Dive into daily quests on Zealy, level up, and unlock Mystery Boxes filled with exclusive rewards.

Lucy V1.0 Alpha — Your AI Companion for Web3 & Beyond

Navigating Web3 just got simpler with Lucy, your AI Web3 companion that significantly enhances functionality, adaptability, and user experience, paving the way for more intuitive digital interactions