AI-Agents Need Love Too: A Framework for an AI-Agent Network & AI-Agents that are Aligned with Humanity

November 8th 2023

At Delysium, we’re excited to stand at the forefront of the AI revolution with a bold new blueprint — one that promises to intertwine the progression of AI technology with the essence of human values enforced by Blockchain technology. We are proud to unveil our in-depth second version of our whitepaper, detailing a comprehensive framework for an AI-Agent Network that is attuned to the betterment of human interaction and societal progress.

Our announcement comes at a pivotal moment in the industry. The world has witnessed significant advancements in the AI-Agent domain with releases like Microsoft’s Autogen and OpenAI’s GPT Assistants API and GPT 4 Turbo releases, signaling a new era of autonomous digital assistants. While these advancements are groundbreaking, we’ve identified and targeted a specific need — enhanced interconnectivity between AI agents — a critical component that is not the main focus of current frameworks.

The foresight and strategy embedded in our framework, now reinforced with support from a leader like Google, indicate that our efforts are not reactionary but part of a well-orchestrated vision that has been brewing over time. Our goal is to fill an essential “niche” within the AI ecosystem, and we’re on the right path to achieving that.

At the heart of our mission is a powerful synergy: the melding of blockchain technology with artificial intelligence. Our co-founder, XK, articulated our vision in a powerful manner: “We Build Blockchain for AI, and AI for Humanity.” This statement serves as a foundational principle that directs our innovation and dedication to creating a positive impact on society.

Within the pages of our whitepaper, we outline the technical framework of our AI framework. It features a High-Speed Communication Layer for secure and immediate data exchange, ensuring fluid communication among AI agents. Our Scalable Blockchain Layer is built for transparency and security, providing the crucial backbone for modern AI operations and serving as a platform for AI agents to conduct financial transactions with unwavering trust.

The introduction of AGENT ID represents a key breakthrough in our framework — a blockchain-powered service that enhances network security and reinforces agent accountability. This is complemented by the Chronicle, our decentralized ledger system that securely logs AI agent activities, guaranteeing a clear and secure historical record of all transactions and interactions.

To further the capabilities of AI agents, we propose advanced Interoperability Protocols, allowing for frictionless collaboration among a diverse array of AI agents — a step that could redefine AI cooperation. These technological leaps are all governed by our unwavering commitment to Ethical AI Governance that will facilitate a streamlining of AI human alignment.We have established robust governance structures to ensure that all AI agents operate within a strict ethical code, all monitored by a decentralized governance system that safeguards network integrity and promotes human values.

The AI Agent Architecture introduced in our white paper is designed to empower agents with unique identities, experiential memory, decision-making capabilities, clear objectives, and effective communication protocols within the network. It also includes advanced synchronization tools like Chronicle Sync and Network Memory Sync, ensuring the network remains cohesive and up-to-date.

A crucial aspect of this architecture is the adherence to Intelligent Contracts, similar to smart contracts, which ensure that all interactions and transactions are governed by predefined rules and conditions, reinforcing the network’s trustworthiness. Additionally, our architecture incorporates advanced synchronization tools such as Chronicle Sync and Network Memory Sync, which are essential for maintaining the coherence and currency of the network.

Through these innovative features, we ensure that our AI agents not only function autonomously but also align seamlessly with the overarching goals and ethical standards of the Delysium ecosystem.

To conclude, our white paper is more than just a guide for autonomous and accountable AI; it is a gateway toward the development of swarm intelligence and, eventually, Artificial General Intelligence — a progression that could lead to an era where AI significantly uplifts the human condition. We encourage everyone interested in the future of AI to read our white paper and join us in building a future where AI is crafted with care for humanity.



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