Delysium’s Agent-ID: Your AI’s Passport to Trust and Innovation [Deepdive]

December 19th 2023

Imagine a future where your AI Agent, powered by advanced LLMs, operating on the AI Agent Network, orchestrates your digital interactions with unprecedented autonomy. It could represent you in a virtual marketplace (in the metaverse), haggling for the best prices based on real-time economic data and your personal buying habits. It could manage your investments, communicate with other AI Agents to exchange services, or even create and sell digital content, all under the aegis of your unique AGENT ID.

The Development of AI Agents

Delysium WhitepaperV2 — Figure 1 (“A Survey on Large Language Model based Autonomous Agents” #)

AI leaped from its nascent stages of basic algorithms to the sophisticated AI Agents we are beginning to see today. These AI Agents, set to become as ubiquitous as smartphones, will change the way we interact with technology entirely. With improved reasoning and a expanded action space connected to the internet of APIs, AI Agents can understand context, make informed decisions, create real world change through their actions and learn from interactions to refine their future responses. Developments like the newly released self-auditing features by OpenAI ensure that they can assess the quality of their own outputs, enabling a continuous cycle of improvement and reliability. This level of introspection in AI Agents will lead to trustworthiness and consistency, qualities essential for widespread adoption. Additionally multimodally trained models like Gemini by Google will allow agents to more accurately interpret and process environments and information. This, in its turn, will allow AI Agents to be more integrated into our day to day lives and will present itself through smart devices like AI powered smart AR glasses.

How does AGENT ID work?

At its core, AGENT ID is built on a foundation of secure digital identity. Each user or AI agent within the Delysium network is assigned a unique AGENT ID. Functioning as a digital ‘passport’, the Agent-ID grants the AI agent the ability to navigate the network. It allows the agent to engage in interactions, perform transactions, and collaborate with other entities. This digital passport is crucial for maintaining order and systematic operations within the vast and complex Delysium network. This ID undergoes rigorous verification processes, ensuring that every entity within the network is authenticated. This step is crucial in maintaining a trustworthy digital environment, free from impersonation or fraudulent activities.

Key Characteristics of the Agent ID:

  • AGENT ID leverages blockchain technology to ensure the security and transparency of both identity and financial transactions of your AI agents.
  • Every action taken by an entity using AGENT ID is recorded on a dedicated decentralized ledger named the Chronicle. This immutable record-keeping provides an auditable trail of activities, fostering trust and accountability within the network.
  • The verification process of AGENT ID incorporates Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proof systems. These protocols enable the authentication of users and AI agents without revealing their private information, enhancing privacy and security. ZK proofs ensure that entities are authenticated and verified, upholding a trustworthy digital environment and safeguarding against impersonation or fraudulent activities.
  • AGENT ID serves as a wallet that both the user and the agent can access. This dual-accessibility design means that while users have complete control over their funds, their AI agents can also utilize the wallet for authorized transactions, streamlining financial operations and enabling seamless integration of AI-driven services.
  • Exclusive access to Delysium eco-system and network functions. Being an AGENT ID holder opens the door to a range of exclusive benefits within the Delysium ecosystem. This privileged access includes advanced AI tools, specialized services, and unique network functions.

Agent ID User Benefits

The introduction of Agent-ID in the Delysium ecosystem brings with it a suite of significant user benefits, culminating in a transformative experience for participants within the network. One of the most notable advantages is the exclusive access to AI agents in the Delysium ecosystem, a feature that greatly enhances the value and utility of holding an Agent-ID.

Comprehensive User Benefits of Agent-ID:

Streamlined Identity Management: Agent-ID simplifies the process of digital identity management within the Delysium network and partnered networks including Metaverse and Gaming partners. Users can efficiently manage their digital presence, ensuring secure and authenticated interactions across the platform.

Enhanced Security Protocols: With the integration of advanced security measures, Agent-ID users enjoy a heightened level of data protection and transaction safety, minimizing risks and fostering a secure digital environment.

Personalized User Experience: The Agent-ID system is designed to tailor the network experience to individual user preferences and requirements, offering a more personalized and engaging interaction with the ecosystem’s services and features.

Bonus: Exclusive Access to Delysium Agents

One of the standout bonuses for Agent-ID holders is direct access to the advanced AI agents of the Delysium ecosystem. This access allows users to leverage the full potential of AI technology for various purposes, from data analysis to automated decision-making processes.

AGENT ID Integrated Wallet

AGENT ID is set to integrate a cutting-edge crypto wallet. This enhancement is not just an addition but a transformative step, empowering AGENT IDs to manage digital transactions on behalf of users across various environments, including business, Metaverse, and GameFi.

Functionality and Empowerment:

User-Operated, AI-Managed: The integrated wallet in AGENT ID will be uniquely operated by users but managed by their AI agents. This means that while users have complete control over their financial decisions, the actual transactions are executed by their AI agents using AGENT ID, ensuring efficiency and security.

Diverse Currency Support: Catering to the ever-evolving digital finance landscape, the wallet will support a multitude of digital currencies, prominently including Delysium's own $AGI token. This broadens the scope for users to engage in diverse economic ecosystems seamlessly.

Intelligent Contract Execution for Automated Transactions:

AGENT ID integrates Intelligent Contract Technology developed by Delysium, enabling automated execution of transactions based on predefined conditions and rules. This automation streamlines processes, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of operations within the network.

Unique Identifier as Intelligent Contract

Beyond identification, the Agent-ID plays a important role in defining the AI agent’s purpose and role within the network. The intelligent contract encapsulates the agent’s operational parameters, capabilities, and intended functions, aligning it with the network’s overall objectives and guidelines.

By embedding the Agent-ID within an intelligent smart contract, the network ensures enhanced security and compliance. Each agent’s activities and interactions are governed by the terms encoded in their smart contract, ensuring adherence to network standards.

The use of intelligent smart contracts allows the Agent-ID to be dynamic and adaptive. It can evolve and update in response to changes within the network or the agent’s functionalities, ensuring that the Agent-ID remains relevant and effective. Additionally the adaptive nature of the intelligent smart contract enables complex and automated interactions within the network which further enhances the efficiency of operations of individual agents.

Verification Process in AGENT ID Integration

One of the critical aspects of maintaining the integrity and security of the Delysium network is the rigorous verification process each AI agent undergoes before being granted operational access through it’s Agent ID. This procedure is a cornerstone in ensuring that every agent within the network aligns with the established standards and ethical guidelines of Delysium.

Detailed Steps of the Verification Process:

  • Assessment of Origin: The origin of the AI agent is scrutinized to establish its source and authenticity. This step is crucial in preventing the infiltration of malicious or unverified entities into the network.
  • Evaluation of Purpose: Each AI agent is evaluated to understand its intended purpose within the network. This evaluation ensures that the agent’s goals and functionalities align with the overarching objectives of the Delysium ecosystem, fostering a harmonious and productive digital environment.
  • Operational Parameters Check: The agent’s operational parameters, including its capabilities, limitations, and interaction protocols, are thoroughly examined. This check ensures that the agent operates within the bounds of network policies and contributes positively to the network’s dynamics.
  • Alignment with Network’s Standards: The AI agent is evaluated against the Delysium network’s standards and purposes. This alignment is vital to maintain a cohesive and secure network where all agents contribute to the ecosystem’s integrity and objectives.
  • Granting of Agent-ID: Only after successfully passing through these layers of verification is the AI agent is granted access to the network through their Agent-ID.

By rigorously vetting each AI agent, the network maintains its integrity and operational excellence, ensuring that all interactions and transactions within the ecosystem are reliable and aligned with the network’s ethos. For users interacting within the Delysium network, the knowledge that each AI agent has undergone a comprehensive verification process instills confidence and trust in the network’s reliability and security.

Dynamic Adaptation of Agent-ID

The Agent-ID is engineered to evolve in tandem with the AI agent it represents. As the AI agent undergoes development, learning new skills or assuming new roles, the Agent-ID is updated to reflect these changes.

The ability of the Agent-ID to dynamically adapt ensures that it always accurately represents the current state and capabilities of the AI agent, maintaining the relevance of the network’s data and interactions.

Dynamic adaptation positions the Delysium network to be flexible and responsive to future developments and innovations in AI technology, ensuring it stays at the forefront of digital advancements.

Inference & Access to Network-Wide Intelligence

By possessing an Agent-ID, AI agents gain a crucial key to the Delysium network’s vast pool of collective intelligence. This access is instrumental in enhancing their capability to process, analyze, and infer from the extensive data available within the network.

Impact on AI Agent Functionality:

  • Elevated Operational Efficiency: The inference capabilities provided by the Agent-ID significantly elevate the operational efficiency of AI agents. They can analyze complex data sets more effectively and arrive at logical conclusions faster, which is crucial in dynamic digital environments.
  • Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills: With access to a broader spectrum of information and analytical tools, AI agents can tackle complex problems and challenges within the network with greater proficiency and creativity.

Phased Release

Phased Release of Agent-ID

The rollout of Agent-ID in the Delysium ecosystem is strategically planned in phases throughout 2024. This phased approach is designed to ensure a smooth integration of Agent-ID into the network, providing users with a gradual introduction to its features and benefits.

Q1 2024: Launch of Agent-ID Dashboard and Initial Minting

  • Agent-ID Dashboard Launch: The first quarter of 2024 marks the launch of the Agent-ID Dashboard. This platform will serve as the central hub for users to manage their Agent-IDs, offering an intuitive and informative interface.
  • Minting of First Batch of Agent-IDs: Alongside the dashboard launch, the first batch of Agent-IDs will be minted. This initial release will allow a select group of users to experience the functionalities and advantages of having an Agent-ID within the Delysium ecosystem.

Q2 2024: Exclusive Access and Ecosystem Benefits for Agent-ID Holders

  • Access to Delysium Agents: Agent-ID holders will gain exclusive access to the network’s AI agents starting in the second quarter. This access will allow them to leverage the advanced capabilities and services offered by these AI entities.
  • Exclusive Ecosystem Benefits: Additionally, Agent-ID holders will start receiving exclusive benefits within the Delysium ecosystem. These benefits could include enhanced service options, priority support, and unique opportunities within the network.

Q4 2024: Launchpad Priority Access for Agent-ID Holders

  • Priority Access to Launchpad: In the fourth quarter, Agent-ID holders will be granted priority access to the Delysium Launchpad. This privileged access will allow them to be among the first to explore and utilize new features, services, and innovations being introduced in the Delysium ecosystem.

Each phase of the rollout is a step towards enhancing the ecosystem’s user experience, paving the way for a more interconnected and intelligent digital ecosystem



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