Lucy V1.0 Alpha — Your AI Companion for Web3 & Beyond

July 31st 2023
Lucy V1.0 enters ALPHA

Have you ever wondered if navigating the complex Web3 space could be made simpler? That’s the question we asked ourselves when we first introduced Lucy to our community.

Lucy quickly gained popularity; within the first few months of launching the initial version of our intent-centric AI Web3 companion, she saw 1.4 million wallets connected.

We’ve been privileged to receive a wealth of feedback and support from our community, and each day has been a learning experience, guiding us towards the development of Lucy 1.0.

Today, we are excited to launch an updated version of Lucy, named Lucy 1.0, as a closed access Alpha version. This Alpha version represents a forward stride in functionality, adaptability, and user experience.

But we want to be clear — it’s an Alpha version with the purpose of gathering feedback from our core contributors and communtiy members. Our goal is to have continuous dialog with Lucy’s real users to make sure that every iteration is a step in the right direction.

So what’s new?

The most notable difference lies in the complete overhaul of Lucy’s backend and model, which has been redesigned to be more capable and fit for expansions through our dedicated plug-in system. This means that moving forward Lucy can easily integrate with many of our partners in the Web3 world, enhancing its versatility and power.

Available features in Lucy v1.0 Alpha include:

  • Plugin Functions: Asset management (Transfer & Swap), Wallet creation, White-paper summaries & querying, and Bing search. We have temporarily disabled the advanced plugins: NFT Sniper, Airdrop Sniper, Memcoin Sniper & Trading Bot**.**
  • Other Functions: A model carefully finetuned for Web3 knowledge querying, a completely revamped backend and model, and improved security and safety functions.

How does Lucy impact Web3 accessibility?

Lucy acts as a bridge between users and the Web3 world, simplifying complex processes, providing educational resources, integrating with various Web3 platforms, and ensuring security and safety. By doing so, Lucy significantly enhances Web3 accessibility. With Lucy v1.0, both novice and new Web3 users can manage their daily on-chain activities from one intuitive user interface.

Consider a user like our imaginative friend; Sarah, who is new to the world of cryptocurrencies. She wants to get involved but finds the process of creating wallets, managing asset transfers, and understanding staking processes overwhelming. Lucy steps in to guide Sarah through these processes, providing her with simple instructions and provides her key insights through an intuitive interface that makes her entry into the Web3 world much less daunting.

For more advanced users, Lucy offers a range of plugins that can help them maximize their Web3 activities (and returns). These include the NFT Sniper, which alerts users to new and trending NFTs and helps them snatch them off the market ealy; the Airdrop Sniper, which notifies users of upcoming airdrops they can participate in; the Memcoin Sniper, which tracks & automatically positiones treads (snipes) for trending meme coins; and the Trading Bot, which can automate certain trading activities based on user-defined parameters without all the hassle of a traditional trading platform interface.

By streamlining these processes and providing a unified platform for asset management, Lucy significantly reduces the barriers to entry into the Web3 world, making it more accessible to a wider audience. Whether you’re a novice like Sarah or a seasoned trader, Lucy has something to offer that can enhance your Web3 experience.

Moving from Alpha

As we transition from the Alpha version of Lucy, our primary focus is to engage with our community and learn from real users’ experiences. We believe that the best way to improve Lucy is by listening to the people who use it daily. We’re committed to taking a step-by-step approach, making adjustments and enhancements based on user feedback.

Our vision for Lucy is twofold. In the mid-term, we aim to make Lucy an effective and efficient intent-centric AI agent that can perform tasks for average Web3 users. This involves developing plugins on top of Delysium AI that can be integrated with Lucy. These plugins will be designed to address the specific needs and wishes of our users, expanding Lucy’s capabilities and making it even more versatile and user-friendly.

“there will be no human using blockchain in 10 years, but their AI agents/bots will” — XK

In the long-term, we envision constructing an operating system that serves as a protocol for information and value flow between other AI agents.

This process of continuous improvement and expansion is at the heart of our approach to Lucy’s development. We’re excited about the potential of Lucy v1.0 and beyond, and we’re committed to making it the best it can be for our users. Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us in this journey, and we look forward to hearing from you as we continue to improve and expand Lucy.

How to get access?

Access to the Alpha version of Lucy is exclusive, available only to a select group from our waitlist and to all of our DMA holders. This approach allows us to gather valuable feedback and insights from a diverse range of users, helping us to refine and improve Lucy based on real-world use.

If you’re interested in being part of this exciting phase of Lucy’s development, there are two main ways to get access:

  1. Become a DMA Holder: By purchasing a DMA, you’ll automatically gain access to the Alpha version of Lucy. This not only gives you early access to Lucy but also comes with a range of other benefits as part of the Delysium ecosystem. To purchase a DMA, please visit
  2. Join the Waitlist: We’re also offering access to a select group of users from our waitlist. This is a great option if you’re interested in being part of Lucy’s development but aren’t ready to purchase a DMA just yet. To join the waitlist, please visit

We’re excited to have you join us on this journey and look forward to hearing your feedback and insights as we continue to develop and improve Lucy.


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