Delysium Dev-Note Q2 2023 —Harnessing the Power of AI for the Web3 Era: Introducing Delysium AI

March 8th 2024

Lo and behold the first issue of our quarterly release of the Delysium Development Note (Dev-Note), this Dev-Note will come in two parts, this is part 1.

We're excited to share with you the steps we're taking towards realizing our shared vision, and the horizon of possibilities we're tapping into. It’s been a moment since our token launch, but we have certainly not been idle.

Like Bruce Wayne we’ve been plotting our moves in the shadows, and for those who know our style just like Batman: We only speak when we have something serious to say.

You might’ve noticed our new logo, yet our vision remains the same:

Build a virtual-world where 1 billion people and AI virtual-beings live together.

Ever since Delysium’s inception our team has been at the frontier of digital innovation, pushing the boundaries of AI technology. Initially the technology was intended to be used inside our games and that of our partners. You've likely seen our AI tech packaged up in the likes of David, Catherine, and Lucy.

Version 0 of Lucy performed well, currently we’re counting an impressive 1.4 million wallets connected. Not to mention the impressive amount of business inquiries we have received. It showed us the potential of an AI-powered Web3 operating system like Lucy and how it could be for everyone - communities, projects, companies, and individual users.

Lucy v0 accumulates 1.4m users (Snapshot 22:24:51 15/06/2023)

Our initial belief was that Lucy could instill confidence in both Web2 and Web3 users as they navigated the ever-evolving Web3 terrain. We understand that familiarizing yourself with the rules of engagement in the Web3 space can be quite the challenge.

The first version of Lucy — Version 0 — offers a selection of features that include:

  • Address verification
  • Asset transfer capabilities
  • Safety warnings
  • Specific Web3 knowledge guidance

Though these features might seem mundane, they have demonstrated their usefulness and are considered fundamental for everyday Web3 users.

**Lucy User Statistics: **As of: 22:24:51 15/06/2023

  • Unique wallets connected: 1,428,419
  • Asset checks executed (function): 2,336,165
  • Transfers made (function): 334,918

Over time, users have continually returned to Lucy to utilize these fundamental features, motivating us to initiate dialogues with our users, partners, and collaborators. We listened to your requests: more features from Lucy and Delysium AI, and we assure you that new products and features are on the way.

Acknowledging the importance of perspective in achieving our vision, we are thrilled to announce a revolutionary new framework set to drive all our projects forward: the AI-Powered OpenWorld-Framework.

This next chapter in Delysium is about advancing together and evolving the Web3 experience for everyone. We believe that artificial intelligence will play a crucial role, and we intend to double down on it.

What lives inside the AI-Powered OpenWorld Framework?

The Delysium AI-Powered OpenWorld Framework

Let us be clear, the AI-Powered OpenWorld Framework is not a game, a metaverse, or a social-virtual reality platform. Instead, it’s a set of tools that can be used in many different settings to help people with their unique needs and behaviors.

The AI-OpenWorld Framework houses two factions:

  1. Delysium AI: The future of AI applications on Web3, such as Lucy and our upcoming AI-Twins platform
  2. Decentralized Game Publishing: A platform for publishing community owned Web3 games like Delysium: Center City

New Applications on Delysium AI: Lucy Version 1.0 and AI-Twins

As we navigate the frontier of AI in Web3, we are excited to pioneer this journey with applications like Lucy Version 1.0 and AI-Twins built on Delysium AI. These applications are more than just tools; they are representations of our commitment to enhancing user experience and functionality in the space.

Our development approach, centred around crafting a robust and scalable foundation, is designed to enable swift, adaptive expansion into diverse areas that bring the most value to our users. Our Delysium AI platform is designed to accommodate and promote a vibrant ecosystem of future AI applications, including exciting third-party apps in the future.

The potential of Lucy and AI-Twins, as well as future applications, will stretch far beyond the initial functions we’re announcing today. We're not only building for the needs of today but also anticipating the demands of tomorrow.

Key Expectations for Lucy Version 1.0:

  1. Plugin System: Our goal is to intertwine Lucy with the most frequented and useful platforms in the Web3 landscape to generate tangible value.
  2. Enhanced Basic Functions: We are refining the essential functions of Lucy to streamline daily trading and asset management, making it more efficient for native Web3 users and less intimidating for newcomers.
  3. Improved Research & Safety: We aim to equip Lucy with superior research and safety tools, enabling users to make well-informed investment decisions and manage risks effectively.

In parallel with the development of Lucy Version 1.0, our business development team is in discussions with potential partners and projects for mutually beneficial collaborations. Stay tuned to our Twitter for hints and updates!

The Evolution of Digital Identity: AI-Twins

AI-Twins is an attempt to tackle and simplify the “Digital Identity”. As the world starts to embrace a decentralized internet, power and privacy are gradually restored to its users. Your data will be in your hands, and you can decide what to do with it and who gets to see it. But a digital identity is more than just a tool for privacy or (human) verification. It’s also a tool for expression.

AI-Twins will tackle the latter part of the equation: Expression. We’re taking the bull by the horns and challenge the status quo by asking questions like: “What is the meaning of “I” in AI?”.

Expectations for AI-Twins:

  • Phase 1: A platform to effortlessly construct your AI-Twin, which will evolve based on your preferences and interactions across virtual societies. We’re expecting to see a beta version released mid-July.
  • Phase 2: Enhanced AI-Twins social features to amplify the functionality of your AI-Identity.
  • Phase 3: Aiming for widespread adoption of AI-Twins across the Delysium network and beyond.

Future expansion of the Delysium AI application ecosystem

As we pursue our AI vision for Web3, the potential to expand our Delysium AI ecosystem remains limitless. Lucy and AI-Twins are just the first stepping stones in a long journey. We are planning a dynamic expansion that encourages and supports a wide range of AI applications, delivering value to our users across the globe.

Decentralized Game Publishing: An Update

Over the recent period, our efforts have primarily revolved around our AAA blockchain game, now known as "Delysium: Center City". This exciting venture follows our publishing model that incorporates DMA and DMO mechanics, which have been well received by our community. More details about these mechanisms can be found on our website at

First batch DMOs

Here is a brief snapshot of our recent metrics:

  • DMA: We have sold over 14,000 units. The current cost of a DMA is 2050 USDT.
  • DMO: We have received over 5,000 applications. However, we have only proceeded with a select few for onboarding.
  • Delysium - Center City: Over 200,000 players have registered, and the game's development continues to progress steadily.

The decentralized publishing model, along with its financial constructs, has been effective for Delysium: Center City. Following requests from our game-fi associates and colleagues, we are extending an invitation to other publishers, developers, and indie producers to be part of our Decentralized Game Publishing ecosystem.

Wrapping Up: A Look Ahead

We’re just getting started! We hope you enjoyed this first issue of Delysium Development Notes. We have many more updates, news, and exciting partnerships coming up that we can’t wait to share with you. If you have any questions about Delysium, our upcoming events, or anything discussed in this note, please feel free to reach out. We’re always here to help.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We're excited about the future and look forward to exploring it with you.


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