Delysium’s End of Year Campaign: Road to $125,000 Prize Guide

November 6th 2023


  • Total of $125,000 in prizes
  • Complete daily Quests on Zealy to level up and receive Daily Mystery Boxes containing USDT, $AGI, Loyalty Score, Merchandise, and Physical Rewards like PS5, coldwallets and other crypto-related physical items.
  • Rewards distributed at the end of each phase (November 30th and December 31st).
  • Stay on top of the leaderboard (Zealy) to receive the Exclusive, Special and Legendary Mystery Boxes at the end of the campaign.
  • All Zealy XP will be converted into Delysium Loyalty Score after the campaign.

Campaign Introduction

Welcome, Delysians!

We’re excited to introduce the Delysium End of Year (EOY) Campaign, a fantastic event to celebrate our amazing community and the remarkable journey we’ve shared throughout the year. From November 6th to December 31st, this campaign is our way of saying thank you, offering excitement, challenges, and a huge prize pool of $125,000 in prizes!

As we look forward to a year filled with more AI x Web3 innovation, we invite all members of our Delysium community to join the celebration. Get involved, take on daily quests, and grab the chance to open Mystery Boxes that can include USDT, $AGI, Loyalty Score, Merchandise, and Physical Rewards like PS5, coldwallets, and other crypto-related physical items that will be delivered right to your doorstep.

How to Join ?

Step 1: Join the Delysium Discord and Telegram to stay updated.

Step 2: Complete daily quests on Zealy to level up.

Step 3: Once you reach a certain level, claim your role on Zealy.

Step 4: When eligible, claim your Daily DMB (Delysium Mystery Boxes) on Galxe.

Step 5: Wait for the end of each phase for the team to distribute your rewards.

  • Phase 1: November 30 | 00:00 GMT+0 — Rewards will be distributed before December 10.
  • Phase 2: December 31 | 00:00 GMT+0 — Rewards will be distributed before January 8.

Step 6: Maintain your position on the Zealy leaderboard (Check the Leaderboard section) to secure Exclusive, Special and Legendary Mystery Boxes.


Please ensure that the email address you use for both Galxe and Zealy matches the one associated with your Delysium account. This will facilitate efficient verification and distribution of your rewards. We can not be held accountable for distribution failures attributable to discrepancies in email addresses.

Please note that any changes or updates will be communicated through the Delysium Discord community.

What You Need to Know?

Quest Types

  • Common Quest: Open to everyone, every day.
  • Limited Quest: Quests that are harder to complete but offer better rewards; are available several times a week. To ensure you don’t miss out, stay active and enable notifications in our Discord community.

Role Details

From “Newbie” to “The Pioneer,” each level gives you fixed amounts of DMB, the higher the roles, the better the benefits.

  • DMA holders start at the**“Intermediate”** role.

Reward Mechanism


In order to facilitate the distribution of Physical Rewards, we kindly request that you provide your email, postal address, and telephone number. Please be assured that your personal information will be used exclusively for the purpose of prize delivery and will be safeguarded with the utmost care. Your trust in our process is highly valued. The form will be provided in our Discord in due course. Stay tuned.

At the end of the campaign, all Zealy XP will be turned into Delysium Loyalty Score.


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