Dev Update: What’s New about Lucy?

March 8th 2024


Time flies fast, but it flies even faster in the Web3 Space. Just a few weeks ago, we unveiled the latest version of Lucy, the central operating system of Delysium’s “YKILY” Network. Since, we have received a lot of requests on the progress with Lucy, and we feel like it is the right time to pull up the curtain (just a little bit) and give all our Delysians a quick glance at what’s new about Lucy.

So… What’s New?

Lucy, the central operating system of Delysium’s “YKILY” Network, plays a pivotal role in the network. As a gateway, she connects users to a wide network of AI Agents, tools, data, and notably workflows within the Web3 ecosystem. This positions Lucy not just as an Operating System, but as the key to unlocking the full potential of Web3 for our users. The most recent advancement we’ve been developing for Lucy is a dedicated Workflow View.

The Workflow View plays a crucial role in automating tasks and connecting different services, making Lucy even more versatile. The ongoing efforts are concentrated on enhancing these Workflows and creating a dedicated Workflow view for a more intuitive experience. An early peek into Lucy’s initial open release, albeit not its final form, reflects our vision and the product’s current capabilities, including the innovative Workflow feature.

The Workflow View

The Workflow View is a new feature that Lucy offers to its users. It’s like a canvas where users can collaborate with Lucy by using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to construct their unique workflows. A workflow is essentially made up of separate blocks, representing the various integrations. By connecting several blocks together, a flow is created.

Lucy’s advanced capabilities allow her to understand the canvas and observe everything that occurs within the workflow view. All the connections, actions, and changes happening on this canvas are tracked and processed by Lucy. This understanding ensures that she can provide appropriate suggestions, feedback, and guidance as users build their workflows.

Once a flow is completed, it can be saved and later accessed from the Main Context Window. This feature enables users to efficiently execute repeated tasks and processes, enhancing their productivity and user experience within the Web3 ecosystem.

Calling Workflow Through the Main Chat Window

Through the Main Chat Window, Lucy is able to rapidly access workflows that have been created by users, Delysium, or various projects. This feature offers a dynamic and productive environment where users can effortlessly navigate through their saved workflows. It also provides a platform for the sharing and collaborative use of workflows developed by Delysium and other projects, fostering a sense of community and shared knowledge within the Web3 ecosystem. This streamlined access to workflows significantly enhances user interaction, making Web3 more intuitive and user-friendly.

Continuous Improvement of Lucy’s Web3 Knowledge

We’re constantly updating Lucy’s algorithms, integrating new data sources, and refining her interaction models to ensure she stays on the cutting edge of the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape. This ongoing development allows Lucy to provide users with the most accurate, relevant, and comprehensive assistance possible in the Web3 ecosystem.

Other Thing’s We’re Working On:

  • Improving infrastructure, leveraging top-tier cloud services from Microsoft and Google.
  • Integrate oracles and other data sources for data accuracy in blockchain.
  • Enhanced natural language interaction and context awareness.
  • Developing new AI agents for expanded service coverage.
  • Multi-modal capabilities.

Scaling up Lucy’s Usecases

As we move closer to the launch, our primary focus is on improving Lucy’s infrastructure. Our strategy involves using a modular architecture that will simplify the integration of future third-party applications and Web3 API services. This design specifically caters to an expanded range of public chains, networks, third-party dApps, and protocols. Furthermore, we are looking forward to joining hands with other projects and infrastructure providers to leverage this modular architecture and integrate an array of services, enhancing user interaction and customization.

The incorporation of additional modules will lead to the integration of a wide range of crypto products currently available in the market like wallets, IDs, staking, trading, and more. These will be managed by dedicated AI Agents, each possessing a unique Agent ID. This expansion of our focus to build more agents will not only widen Lucy’s use cases but will also enhance her ability to interface with these crypto products, offering a more comprehensive and tailored user experience.

We’re just as excited about the future as you are, and we invite you to stay connected. The evolution of Lucy is a journey we’re on together, and your support is our greatest motivator. Let’s continue to push the limits of possibility with AI and blockchain technology, with Lucy leading the way. Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being an integral part of this exciting adventure.

For more insights and to keep up with Lucy’s progress, visit our website and sign up for an Agent ID. The future of Web3 is here, and it’s brighter than ever with Lucy.

To learn more and stay updated on Lucy’s progress, visit our website.

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