Delysium Introduces Lucy — The OS of the “YKILY” AI Agent Network

December 31st 2023

In April, we made the decision to liberate Lucy from the confines of the Metaverse and make her accessible to our users. That decision was the start of our experimental journey to push the boundaries of AI Agent capabilities in Web3. Since her initial launch, we have witnessed an overwhelming response, with over 1.4 million wallets connected to Lucy.

Today, with the help from our partners at both Google Cloud and Microsoft, we present a brand new version of Lucy, an important step towards the development of the “YKILY” AI Agent Network. Lucy is engineered based on our Unified AI Agent Architecture for Web3, ensuring a remarkable user experience and swift integration with Layer 1 & Layer 2 infrastructure and dApps.

“Lucy aims to turn Web2 users today, into Web3 super users tomorrow.”  Yannick (Co-Founder)

As the first link in the network, Lucy has the potential to become the interface to the entire network and all the agents that will follow. Access to all agents on the network is facilitated through Delysium Agent ID™ , a unique identifier and digital ID for your AI Agents. Users can sign up for an Agent ID to gain access to Lucy when she is made available to the public in the near future.

What Lucy Can Do?

Lucy enables you to effortlessly create crypto-workflows by seamlessly connecting your favorite apps and d-apps on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) using:

  1. Natural Language Understanding: Lucy’s AI technology allows for seamless communication through natural language commands. You can easily communicate your objectives to Lucy and it will autonomously chart a course to achieve these goals.
  2. Custom Triggers and Workflows: Lucy is trained to recognize custom triggers, enabling personalized interactions and workflows. You can define your own triggers and actions to automate your web3 journey according to your specific needs.
  3. Future Enhancements: We are continuously working to enhance Lucy’s capabilities. In the future, Lucy will be extended with hearing and vision capabilities, enabling a more immersive and interactive user experience.

These extensions further enhance Lucy’s ability to understand and respond to user commands, making it a powerful tool for navigating the world of web3. Lucy’s goal is to provide a seamless and intelligent web3 experience, empowering users to effortlessly handle routine Web3 tasks and access the most relevant information they need without congesting human native internet environments.

Lucy as the Operating System — Connecting Agents

Lucy serves as the central hub for accessing a multitude of distinct Agents within the network. These Agents, each equipped with their own specialized functions and unique Agent ID, enable Lucy to provide users with a wide range of services and capabilities. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features:

  1. Trading agent: This Agent allows users to intelligently monitor token contracts and transaction data, assisting in the formulation of savvy trading strategies.
  2. DEX aggregator agent: With this Agent, users can locate the most efficient transaction routes across various on-chain markets. It aids in the execution of collateral, borrowing, lending, and swapping activities with optimal cost, time, and security considerations.
  3. Information agent: This Agent provides users with targeted information, such as project overviews, whitepaper analysis, and the latest news updates.

In addition to these Agents, Lucy has access to network inference and is continuously trained on Web3-specific datasets. This allows Lucy to further enhance its capabilities and provide users with a seamless and intelligent Web3 experience. As the AI Agent ecosystem continues to grow and evolve, Lucy will play a crucial role as the operating system that connects users to a diverse range of services and functionalities.

How To Use Lucy?

Lucy can be accessed using your unique Delysium Agent ID™ which ensures a secure network connection where user data and funds are protected through advanced technologies like account abstraction and ZK encryption.

Users can seamlessly interact using natural language, allowing for a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. When communicating with Lucy, users can express their intentions, and Lucy’s sophisticated natural language understanding capabilities enable her to comprehend and interpret user commands accurately. Whether it’s providing relevant information or facilitating complex workflows, Lucy is designed to cater to the user’s needs.

For instance, let’s consider an example where a user wants to purchase $100 worth of $AGI. Through a simple conversation with Lucy, the user expresses their intention, and Lucy takes the initiative to gather the necessary information about $AGI, such as its current price, liquidity, and market trends. Based on this information, Lucy then formulates a two-step workflow to acquire $AGI efficiently.

After presenting the proposed workflow to the user, Lucy ensures transparency and trust by providing all the essential details, including the execution steps, potential fees, and any associated risks. This allows the user to make an informed decision before proceeding with the transaction.

Once the user confirms the parameters and verifies the information provided by Lucy, the transaction is executed seamlessly, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for the user.

What’s Next?

Lucy is currently undergoing testing with our key partners and will soon be available to the public. Alongside the Agent ID, Lucy will act as the operating system in a network of Autonomous Agents, enabling the creation of connections and access to various agents that provide services within the network.

In conclusion, Lucy represents a significant milestone in the development of AI Agents for Web3 interaction. With its advanced capabilities in natural language understanding, custom triggers and workflows, and future enhancements, Lucy empowers users to effortlessly navigate the world of Web3. Lucy will serve as the central hub for accessing a diverse range of AI Agents within the Delysium “YKILY” AI Agent Network, providing services such as intelligent trading, DEX aggregation, and targeted information.

To experience the seamless and intelligent web3 experience that Lucy offers, sign up for an Agent ID and stay tuned for its public availability.

Discover the possibilities of Web3 with Lucy!

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